Friday, August 24, 2012

CMQG - Modern Art Challenge (part 2)

As promised here is the picture of the fabulous quilt I received in the guild challenge!

Sara had chosen my bag - which included a picture of Bernini's Baldacchino, which is within St Peter's Basilica in Rome (well Vatican City, if you want to be precise). My instructions were that I don't like brown or gold, and that she shouldn't take it too literal - I love the texture and the movement of the piece, as well as the way the light shines in... and the Holy Spirit window behind it (the dove).

Click here to see the picture I sent her - it's the first image. 

I love that Sara pulled grey fabrics for the main part of the piece, and added in the bright sunshiny yellow up there- and the piecing in the yellow has so much great movement just like sun shining through a stained glass window! Her quilting is flawless too! I'm so happy with this quilt - even though I know she fretted about it for a while. I really didn't mean to provide such a challenge! 
(Photo taken by Rachael from the CMQG flickr page)
I can't begin to express how excited I am with this quilt!! Sara did such a great job at interpreting it into a quilt!!! I really feel like the quilt gives me that "home" feeling that St. Peter's gives me! Thank you so much Sara!!! 

For a little bit of background, I have visited Roma three times. One of those times was for a college study abroad, where I lived around the block from St. Pete's. I was studying Catholic theology so it's not surprising that this basilica holds my heart in a special way. I long to return to Rome. One day we'll retire to a little apartment in Rome. :) I can dream! 


  1. that's amazing! So beautiful and a wonderful interpretation. She did a fantastic job!

  2. she did a stunning job - it's both beautiful and really a good free interpretation of your inspiration photo.

  3. So lucky the quilt is stunning! =D

  4. Emily, this is such a beautiful piece! You are so lucky to belong to a guild that has members that are open to such challenges.

  5. This quilt that Sara made for you is definitely one of my favorites from the group. Especially since I can see that Sara managed to make it come out perfectly for you... your style and also I think she really captured the essence from the image!

  6. This is a wonderful interpretation of the Baldacchino. I was surprised last year to see a smaller version of it in a cathedral in Montreal--they copied it to a T, but I think I'd rather have that quilt. It is amazing.

    Elizabeth E.