Saturday, August 18, 2012

Playing with the lights...

I'm hoping this makes a huge difference in the amount of real sewing I can get done. For the past month I've been doing a step here, a step there, of projects that I need to photograph each step. I sew at night and my pictures are TERRIBLE at night. So after a chat with Sara the other day about her set-up, I stopped by Home Depot and picked up a couple new (cheap) lights. 

It just so happened that my walls and wardrobe are white. This saved me from really having to do much else. I used a random sheer curtain panel from Ikea to diffuse the direct light. The light bulbs are "daylight" bulbs like Sara used. I think the next step is to paint the other side of my blue board white. A pillowcase worked in a pinch, but it was hard to get it pressed exactly flat. 

Here's to being able to actually get whole projects done late at night! Wish me luck while I start crossing projects off my list! 


  1. I SO need to sort out a setup like this!

  2. That's such a neat and inexpensive idea. A lot cheaper than buying on of those expensive sets =D

  3. You could probably use a roll of white (wedding) wrapping paper, too. I just bought a roll of lime green to use for my photographs of my etsy listings. I'll let you know how that works out. :)