Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Late Night Sewing...

I've been doing a lot of sewing, but not in big chunks of time. 

I am itching to finish some projects that have been lingering - 1 quilt is basted but not quilted. Another quilt top is finished, but the backing has to be pieced (and I keep forgetting to buy white thread for it!). I have a couple smaller projects in various stages too. At least one of these will be finished this week (deadline!)

I'm really looking forward to having some daylight sewing time soon. School will be starting in another month and then I'll have at least one of those mornings to sew / take daylight pictures!

The Chicago Modern Quilt Guild fall retreat is coming up soon too! I can't believe it's so close. The round of blocks that I added to the quilt pictured above was the first that I'd added since the spring retreat! It's been slow going since that project has no deadline! I'm loving it but it's so very complex. Each step makes my brain hurt a little. It's fun to be so challenged sometimes though!!

There are some really great things on the horizon. I'm pretty excited to share them with you all. 

Until then, I'll be sewing late at night. 


  1. that is amazing - did you do all the maths yourself? I am seriously impressed!

  2. A great looking quilt! It's a shame to not be able to sew during the day =D

  3. What a fantastic quilt! Is this your own design? I love the fabrics and colors. (P.S. - for some reason, the link for your entry at WIP Wed doesn't work. I googled you to check your entry out.)

  4. This really looks challenging, your quilt is so pretty I always thought curves and circles are so difficult to sew and make pieces match well together. I like your work a lot. Take good care of your eyes since you work at night. I'm an architect, and every time I see a quilt like this I think Autocad would do wonders for quilters, how do you design your quilts, by sketches in paper or with computer help?