Thursday, June 21, 2012

Recovery, Henna, Zip Pouches, etc...

I've had this week off work to recover from my sinus surgery (and the doc said yesterday that I'm healing well!) I've felt so much better this time around than the last two times, so I've actually had a chance to get some stuff done. Well, I'm still trying not to overdo it but, it is nice to have some free time! 

My mom, dad, sister, and two nieces came to help out last weekend right after my surgery and it was really nice to have them here! Mom made meatloaf - my favorite. And Roseann baked me a belated birthday cake with fresh strawberry butter-cream and chocolate covered strawberries (yum!). We took Dad to the local Italian deli for father's day and he LOVED it. :) 

My sister Roseann does henna so of course I got some henna on my arms -- and I made her sew a couple box pouches with me (since I'm always making them for her). She enjoyed it and I think we finally figured out an easier way to notch the corners. 

It's been a good week. Today is the last day of the Bella Parade - which has been really fun. And my brother is coming in to visit this weekend too. I'm glad I'm able to take naps though - I'm not quite back to normal yet. 


  1. Glad the surgery went well! The pouches are cute! You and your sis look like twins! =D

  2. Ok this might sound gross, but I think I drooled a little while reading the description of your bday cake-yummmmmmmm. glad to hear you're on the mend :)

  3. I'm glad your surgery went well. That's always a good thing. I agree that your birthday cake sounds yummy!

    The henna looks cool. I saw your FB status that your sister was in town and doing the henna, but my niece was in town from CA so we were busy :(