Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Father's Day!! ....yeah I know, I'm a week late!

I'd started this post last week -- then whatever happened it didn't get published. So there you have it, we're all human. 

Last weekend I was lucky enough to have my dad, mom, sister, and nieces in town for a visit. Really they were here to help out after my surgery since I wasn't allowed to lift Allie for a while after. (I'm pretty well healed up now by the way) The awesome thing though, is that this surgery went a zillion times better than the previous two, likely due to the fact that the anesthesiologist looked at my allergy info - who knew those drugs were full of propylene glycol --- I didn't! So my recovery has been much less gross and annoying. 

I didn't expect to be able to take my dad out on father's day! Here he is with the deli portion of his father's day gift -- there was a whole box full of the "hot counter" part too! :) We took him to this awesome little Italian deli nearby and he LOVED it! 

I had planned ahead for Wally's gift - Allie and I painted coffee mugs for him weeks before (and she may or may not have told him about the painting part)... either way the mugs turned out cute - dishwasher safe (as if we had a dishwasher), and useable. I wish I would have been able to find the paint pens (the ones I bought were all dried out), but the tubes of paint worked well enough and Allie enjoyed herself! She even painted the inside! lol. 

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  1. Glad to hear your surgery went well and your recovery is going better than the last one.
    Great to see you had a fun day out. The mugs are cute! =D