Thursday, June 14, 2012

FQS Bella Parade : Season 2 : Post # 16

Bella Solids Wisteria
Here we are today with Wisteria! Wisteria is a calm light purple. It's very tranquil, soothing, and even has a little bit of a vintage feel to it.

Bella Solids Wisteria
1. A peek inside, 2. PLPS3 - side 1, 3. Plaid Quilt Top, 4. Circle Stroller Quilt, 5. Tangerine and Wine top, 6. Innocent Crush Rectangle Squared quilt, 7. Bee Imaginative Block for Ashley, 8. Pinwheel pillow, 9.Mini Patchwork Prism Quilt - Front

Wow aren't those so beautiful?? First off I want to say that Wisteria isn't my top pick out of all the gorgeous colors Moda produces... but this mosaic has started to change my mind! Terri and Michelle's pouches up there in spots #1 and 2 are fantastic! I love how sweet and pretty they are! Then there are projects like #5 by Linda - that brings a whole other light to this color! How perfect it is with a nice tangerine! Lastly, #9 is the coolest all solids patchwork prism quilt I've seen! And she actually used the bundle of the new Bella Solids for this quilt -- so it really is true Wisteria in there!

Bella Solids Wistera:
Bella Solids Peacock:
Bella Solids Boysenberry:
Bespoken Aqua Stitchery:
Bespoken Fresh Floral Silhouettes:
Bespoken Dreams Woven:
Bespoken Amethyst Sequins:
Bohemian Soul Pearl Lace:
Salt Air Mist Half Shell:

Now if I were to make a quilt with wisteria as a key component, I'd add in some peacock and boysenberry - It'd be mostly purples with some shots of blue. Light, airy and divine. As a true purple lover I'm pretty sure my daughter would love it! 

For our FMQ design of the day we have a basket weave of sorts that is playfully freemotion quilted. You'll notice it's not perfect, I winged it completely (didn't even draw a grid). Also notice that all the segments are attached - this saves time and energy burying (or gasp! Cutting) those thread tails! It has a perfectly dense texture without all the headache of turning the quilt so much as you'd have to do if you used a walking foot for this! Go on and give it a try - it's so much fun!

Now to giveaway a yard of Bella Wisteria... you know the deal - here are the rules!
(PS - Did anyone notice that we didn't announce last weeks winners yet? We'll get that posted soon - Shruti is doing some fabric shopping in Dubai - and I can't figure out how to get the FQ bundle drawing to work. :) No worries -- you'll have your winners soon!)

Rules & Regulations :
1. Create a pinboard with the name "FQS Bella Parade : Season 2"
2. Pin at least one image with the "Color of the Day" onto the board. The image has to be sewing related. Notions, sewing rooms, finished products anything.
3. Leave a comment with a link to your board.
4. The winners will be selected randomly and announced in the weekend giveaway post.
5. All entries will qualify to win the Bella Solids 2012 Fat Quarter Bundle in the weekly giveaway.
6. Pin it! And you could win it!


  1. Not a color I would use, but it does look so great in all your mosaic choices! I found it here: It may need some consideration, that's for sure!

  2. I love wisteria!

  3. Here's my board:
    I like wisteria, but I use it really rare - it's high time to change it:)

  4. Here's my board:

  5. Thanks so much for featuring my Mini Patchwork Prism Quilt! Wisteria is one of my favorite colors in this group. I'm really in love with how these colors work together.

  6. loving this colour, beautiful

  7. Very nice :)

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  9. This colour makes me think of lilacs in bloom!

  10. I like Wisteria, because it makes me think of Desperate Housewives' Wisteria Lane ;)

  11. pretty!

  12. Hi there, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  13. I love all the images you found, especially since I seem to be having trouble finding very many

  14. pretty purple! Check out my pic for this one, I may have included a sneak peak :)