Friday, June 8, 2012

Odds and Ends

I don't have a proper post planned for today, but I'm hanging out online while Wally cooks us up a fabulous (although late) dinner, so I might as well post something!

You guys probably have seen all the FQS Bella Parade posts here - most of the sewing part of that was finished way ahead of time, so I've been playing around with lots of little things the last few days.

Happy Birthday to me!
Quick Curve Ruler (and a bit of patchwork I've already sewn with it!), a sketch FQ bundle, and some AMH goodies!!
First of all it's my birthday week - and Pinterest really pulled through - for the first time my husband checked out my pinterest board before purchasing gifts (and he shared the link with my MIL). That equals a pretty awesome birthday!!

Matchstick quilting!

Next up on my random list. Last night I finally tried "matchstick quilting" (inspired by this quilt by Jacquie Gering). The quilting lines one this piece are between 1/8" and 1/4" apart! This is an 18" square sample and it used up nearly 2 bobbins! I'm pretty much in love with it too! I'm not sure that I could manage it on a larger quilt but it sure is yummy!

New Mini Moos!

Then there are these pretty Mini Moo Cards that came in the mail a while ago. This has been my second order from Moo and I'm really impressed with them. High quality product, easy to use interface, and quick turnaround and shipping, -- oh yeah, and the price is great too! If you want to try them yourself you can order through this link and it'll give you a discount for being referred. :) I actually paid very little for the second batch because of that referral program! It's fun - and why wouldn't I want to share the link with everyone when the cards are just so cool! 

In a nutshell, that's what I've been up to this week! :) I hope your week has been fabulous too!


  1. Oh, smart husband to check your Pinterest boards for gift ideas! You got some great stuff, and I love your quick curves ruler project. I need to get someone to buy that for me for my birthday...

  2. Two bobbins?! It looks amazing, though.

  3. What a great husband! The quilting looks amazing the close rows are so effective. Loving the designs on your moo cards =D

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog. There is one extra day to enter =D

  4. Those curved pieced pieces look very awesome! Where did you get the ruler?

    I love your mini cards, too! They look so great with all the photos of things you have made.

  5. Moo! Just ordered-- thanks for the referral link!