Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rapid and Tiny Zakka Swap - June

I haven't mentioned it much here, but I'm a swap mama in the new-ish Rapid and Tiny Zakka Swap (RATZ). It's a monthly swap where each round a different small and useful project is chosen. Each round starts at the beginning of the month and we have to mail before the end of the month. It's been pretty simple and fun so far.

RATZ Received!

You may remember the teeny key-chain that I made last time around, I also received a super adorable key-chain from Diane. Total cuteness!

RATZ Swap - June Magnets

For the month of June we're swapping magnets. I've been working on some covered button magnets, but my heart is set on making some of the awesome tiny pieced magnets that I've been seeing floating around. I just haven't have the time/energy to work on them. I made some matching button magnets yesterday just in case I don't find the time to do the pieced ones. I did make one trial run of a pieced one - it took some time, and I used 1/2" Thangles - it finishes at about 1.5" square! Can you believe that??

If you're interested in joining us next month for the RATZ swap head on over to our flickr group. You must have a semi-active flickr account which includes sewing pictures, there will be a sign-up discussion going up soon. Also, our theme next month is needlebooks. Very useful and you could even use this little tutorial here! 


  1. The swap has been so much fun! I got some awesome magnets sent to me =D

  2. I love your button magnets! I made some of the tiny pieced blocks for the Zakka Style Sew Along and they are brutal to make, a real pain!