Thursday, September 1, 2011

August Bee Block and other random WIP's

Today I finally sent out my bee block for August. The {Sew} Beautiful Bee has been so much fun - and we get to meet soon at the Sewing Summit! I can't wait! This month's block was for Kati and I had fun making it wonky and crazy. :)

Next I've been working on this diamond border for our CMQG round robin quilts. I've never made diamonds before... and pretty much figured it out on my own. They're pretty challenging getting those points to match up. I haven't quite mastered it yet... and I am our of that green fabric so I'll have to figure out something to fill in the gaps (I have enough made for about 2/3 of the border). I like the challenge of trying something new and using different colors than I might normally use. Pretty fun!

Finally, this is my next major project. It's the beginnings of a quilt for my mom. This has been on my list for this year's quilting goals - and I started it yesterday! I've finished 9 blocks so far and need to work on the last 7 (or maybe more... we'll see how big that puts it). I need just another yard of AMH's new fabric to do the focal point too. I  have big plans for this one and I'm loving the colors. By the way, those solids - they're from Connecting Threads and I got them for about $2.50/yd on sale. Whoa is that great! They're pretty soft too - way softer and cheaper than Joann's brand solids. 

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