Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm the luckiest Doll Quilt Swapper!

Check this out!! Here's the package I received last week from Carol / Mamacjt. She makes the most amazing little quilts and this one is perfection! Check out that tiny pieced  border and all those french knots! She also sent a sweet handmade doll for Allie and a stack of amazing FQ's! I can't believe how generous she was! This   is really such a sweet quilt - it'll be hung next to my bulletin board in my sewing room! :) Oh and by the way Carol, Allie got a HUGE kick out of the candy necklace! She'd never had one before!


My DQS11 partner should be getting her package any moment now... I hope! So here's what happened. I mailed the package off last week (on the last mailing day at that), did the whole tracking code thing etc - threw the receipt in my purse. 

Flash forward to Saturday night at about 3am to me walking into the room to find Allie with a lollipop in her mouth, gum wrappers all around, and every single thing from my purse all over the floor (yeah this big girl bed thing is really trying). Not a big deal right? Well... also in the mix of crap on the floor from my purse was a package of size 13 hearing aid batteries - opened and missing a couple. Did I know if the package was full to begin with? No. Allie kept telling us, "I eat the batteries." Ugh. In case you guys don't know eating batteries could be pretty bad. We called the "Swallowed Battery Hot line" (yes there is  such a thing, and a real live person answered on the first ring). We were instructed to head right to the ER for an X-ray. Luckily the place wasn't busy and we got right in. No, she didn't swallow any batteries. Thank God! 

So in the haste of throwing the contents of my purse back in - I threw away a handful of papers and stuff, receipts etc. The tracking code was thrown away. AHH! I do hope it gets there soon because I'm worried about it! I am trying to take heart that I did put it in a ziploc with a paper that said, "if lost or damaged please return to:" with my partner's name and address. Cross your fingers! lol. 


  1. Oh you lucky thing - I must admit that I coveted that a little (not that I played this round) when i saw Carol post pics of that. Enjoy. You deserve it. And so glad Allie didn't eat the batteries!

  2. Your little quilt is so gorgeous! I love all of the bright colors in it.

    Glad to hear that Allie did not swallow and of the hearing aid batteries! I'm sure your package will arrive at your partner's home soon, too.