Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Too close for comfort...

What is that you see? A container of yellow acrylic paint spilled just a mere inch away from my WIP pile!?!! I nearly had a heart attack. Right there staring at you is the finished quilt top for my {sew}Beautiful bee quilt (using my only bits of AMH's Good Folks), the nearly finished back of the quilt, all the extra fabric for that quilt, and numerous other unfinished works.

Is it bad that I was much more worried about this mess than the blue and red spilled on my carpet? Carpet can be replaced but hours of sewing and out of print fabric??!! AH! lol. See that little thread hanging there on the right? It had a dab of paint on it, otherwise nothing was touched by the yellow.

The funny part? I didn't even know that generic art tub on the bottom shelf had paint in it! Slowly my sewing room is becoming a sewing room, with an off site closet... annoying. Almost all the good stuff has been moved (bins with buttons and needles and pins... thread spools, generic art supplies, etc). I have to traipse around the house looking for things to sew!

I did manage to get most of the paint out of the carpet. We'll be making a run to the store soon for some white wine vinegar and baking soda. Hopefully some combination of those will clear up the rest of the stain. Never a dull moment with a three year old around!


  1. Once I sewed through my finger, and blood was going everywhere. I could only think about the quilt I was quilting and trying to get the blood off the quilt while simultaneously not getting more blood on it! It was a dance for sure. It's amazing how our hearts will skip a beat and our breath get sucked in when we think our precious fabrics or quilts might be ruined. These are after all, something special for someone special. Good luck with your sewing room!