Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dear handmade quilts... I'm sorry, but I have been cheating on you!

Who could resist this darling pink and black polka dot quilt? Twin size. On clearance at Target for $10!! I couldn't. It's not pieced, the design was stamped on. I do like the long "hand quilting" (obviously everything on this quilt was machine made). I thought about cutting off the binding, seam ripping the big quilting stitches and using the fabric for a different project (even as a back of another quilt?). I haven't decided but I like it. I've been snuggling with this one a bit... I feel like I'm cheating on my good quilts. 


  1. $10!!!! Bargain!!!!! I think it is AWESOME and my lovely Katy has a Target $7 quilt on her bed because she liked it was $7! You just cannot compete with a bargain ;o) Not cheating in my book just a good throw around quilt.

  2. I love the idea of taking it apart and using the fabric elsewhere. But it's already super cute, so whatever you do with it, I think it was a great buy!