Friday, September 2, 2011

A quilt for my mommy!

Remember the list of my quilting goals for 2011? I'm well on my way to checking off one more item!

One of my goals was to make a quilt for my mom or my mother-in-law. I had the color scheme in my head for some time... and had been gathering a few prints here and there all year. A couple weeks ago Connecting Threads had many of their solids marked at just $3 a yard. Even when I'm broke I can't pass that up! I bought about $20 worth of mostly half yard cuts of all their blues that were on sale - plus a couple yards each of their two greys (which are very comparable to Kona Ash and Medium Grey). With that and a quarter yard of Kona Curry thrown in the mix I had a decent stack to get moving.
Mom's Quilt

The pattern/sketch has been done for weeks, but with the table covers for my aunt looming over my head I couldn't get started. Since I finished those covers I got busy cutting and sewing!! I've got most of the quilt top finished! I followed this tutorial for the herring bone blocks. I used varying sizes of strips from 1" -2.5" the majority were about 2" - as a result I needed to add many more strips than were used in the tutorial. It also made trimming them down a bit of a hassle - so I made a template and drew some reference lines for the proper angle. It's pretty random that about a week ago I stopped into the Tuesday Morning (it's next to work) and happened upon a package of template plastic for just about a dollar. I'd never used it before and it made it much easier!
yes, I had to tape two pieces of template plastic together since they were too short.
Today I finished trimming all the herring bone segments and free motion quilted the label. I think it's pretty good don't you? My best FMQ'd words yet! It'll be blanket stitched to the back of the quilt when it's all finished.

Here's the pinterest board of my inspiration.


In other news I finished week two of the Couch 2 5K program today! I am really enjoying it! So far my lungs have managed it great too - no asthma attacks!

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