Monday, August 8, 2011

Not enough sewing time...

Notice the 12 thousand stickers all over her knees? lol
Thanks to this little girl who seems to think that nap time/bed time is "get out of my new toddler bed time." Adding to the exhaustion is that she's now decided any car trip is "let's houdini out of my carseat time" Yes that latch across her chest, she's figured it out. We now tape it together... which buys us a few minutes. 

Fun times. She is, however, celebrating her birthday in two days... and then we'll be celebrating with the Ohio part of the family on Saturday. Exhausting. We're going to have my niece Katee in town next week so there'd better be some sewing getting done then - since she wants to sew! :)

Sigh, I'm off to relieve my husband of the "hey it's night-night time!" duty. This kid is so exhausted; she really should just go to sleep!


  1. my kiddo skipped naps this past weekend and it had me beat. to. the. bone. i could sew now but i think i might need to go night night myself!

  2. There's lots of early morning and late night sewing happening here -- that's the only way I get anything done!