Sunday, August 28, 2011

I just paid my way to the Sewing Summit!

By that I mean that I finished sewing the fitted table covers for my aunt. The paid job which is helping to fund my trip to the Summit!

We've had this plan in the works for a few months (remember I talked about it here). My Aunt Kathy attends several big name art/craft shows a year selling her amazing polymer clay jewelry; last year she asked me to make her some fitted table covers (not just table clothes) for her counter height show tables (4 or 5 of them). She lent me one of her tables (they're awesome by the way) and she picked out fabric from I was surprised when it came to me in a huge shrink-wrapped bolt! There was something like 35 yards of it? 
One done and the rest all cut. This one is the "practice/extra"
Daunting? yes. The fabric is some sort of synthetic knit (so that it doesn't wrinkle when she packs them up to fly/drive to her shows) and I had to learn to use the rolled hem foot on my machine. It took some practice (which made me really nervous) but I finally got it down! I used this tutorial that I found via pinterest.
The real deal. Looking much better!
At first I was putting it off until we moved... then well summer happened (when did summer happen? whoa!). Well this past week it's been hanging over my head. I knew I needed to get them done and now! I even told myself I couldn't work on any other sewing projects until they were done. Today my lovely husband took Allie to his moms to swim all day today - leaving me to work on the table covers. My goal was to finish two of the five. Did I accomplish it??

Check out those rounded corners!!
I blew that goal out of the water! I finished all five!! :) Woo Hoo!! I think they look pretty awesome too. Much more eye catching than the normal/boring black, generic, ill-fitting covers.

Now on to some sewing summit related sewing? or maybe I'll start my mom's quilt. :)


  1. Em, good for you! Totally impressed. I will definitely stop teasing you about working small!

  2. These table covers look awesome! Great job! Now I know who to hire to make table covers if I decide to go into the business of selling at craft fairs (which I may do some day).

    I agree that the fabric is so much more eye catching that the normal plain covers!