Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dreaming in tiny...

I've been dreaming up some tiny tiny piecing for my name badge to wear at the Sewing Summit. Now that we've got our class schedule I'm more than excited! It seems like it'll be October before we know it! Obviously if I want to have any quilted blocks on my name tag they'll have to be pretty small. I do small (if you haven't noticed), so I figured why not challenge myself to do smaller? Hense the tiny tiny stars. these two stars measure point-point at just under one inch! I'm even amazed at myself. I like the grey/yellow one best since I think the dots on the green one are too busy. I haven't decided yet what to do for my nametag but I'm sure it'll come to me. I might see if anyone at the next Chicago Modern Quilt Guild meeting would let me use the letter embroidery on their fancy machines. That'd be cool and would save me some tiny embroidery.

If you're interested in seeing my inspiration so far here's my name tag pinterest.

On to bigger things (it doesn't take much to get bigger than those!). Here's a baby quilt that I made up for a special friend of Wally's - he has a new baby that we wanted to welcome properly! This quilt is about 38" square and is bound by machine using my method (the first time I've used it on a larger piece). It worked out just fine and I'm a bit in love with that batik green dot - it came from Joann's! I might need to go back for more! This was made pretty simply and most of the fabric came right from my stash. It was completely sewn on my old White machine while Nancy was in the shop. It was inspired directly by this quilt. I've been wanting to make one of these for a while and I'm glad I did. It's fun and sweet and simple.


  1. I love those itty bitty stars! You must be so patient!

  2. I love your tiny stars and the big giant star quilt, too! I especially love the colors in the giant star quilt. I may have to try one of these eventually.