Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why Haven't I Posted This Yet?

Haha. I just wrote half a post about a quilt that I'd already shared but thought I hadn't. Funny how that happens sometimes!

Instead here are some pretty pictures that are lurking on my computer but don't qualify for their own blog posts. 

(Above) Curtains from my old sewing room are now in Allie's bedroom. They look cuter than ever with little yellow fabric scrap ties. I love them. (Ikea rocks). PS When hanging the curtain rods I used a drill for the first time in forever (my BIL's) and I must say I like the power. 

I love this picture. The look on Roseann's face is sweet. The girls looks so happy and chilled out. 

Strawberry Buttercream. Need I say more? YUM!

Haha. Funnest thing ever? Colored frostings in squirt bottles for decorating during a party!

Awesomest kindergartner (holy wow is she getting old!) party game? Relay races with floaties on. No real reason for it. No prize for the winning team. No worries about who "won" (the girls actually tended to wait for the slower runner at the end before turning back to run to the finish line!). Fun. 

Happy birthday sweet Rosemarie!! :)

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