Monday, June 20, 2011


I'm an overachiever for June... somehow. lol

As much as I've been working hard to complete all my swaps and my bee block in time for my end of June deadlines... I've somehow managed to grossly over do my bee requirements for the month. It's Cara's month for the Sew Beautiful Bee, and she's asked us for pieced houses to make a "home" quilt to be donated to her local NICU. The quilt will then be given to one of the families there... and they'll eventually take it home with them when their time there is done. :)

Kara had mentioned that if anyone wanted to attempt a second block for her it'd be great to have some pieced words relating to the theme of the quilt. I have been wanting to give this style piecing a try (again) so today after finishing up my pillow talk pillow I let myself play with the itty bitty scraps I had left from the bee block. I ended up with a sweet little 3" tall "HOPE." I love it. (I referenced this tutorial when working on the words this time around.)

Sew beautiful - June

Yes you might remember the free piecing I have done before... it also was the word hope (you can see it here --apparently I never blogged about the finished product... you can see it here since my partner's pics are way better than my own!!**). I'm pretty attached to the word hope. It's really the greatest word ever. I think this stems from its use in relation to cancer and other sicknesses... you hope for a cure. You hope for great things to come. You hope that you'll be able to see that smiling face for years to come. etc etc etc... I could go on for some time about the word hope. But I think all in all it really applies to this quilt. Hope that you'll soon return home with a safe and healthy little baby. That's what time in a NICU is all about right?

Wow that was a bit of a tangent.

On top of that... I'm sending a couple simple houses (my test block, and the house that didn't work as a cool two story thing... lol). I've totally got June covered!

Now to finish binding those two remaining mug rugs... and I'm off to the post office! :)

**Wow, re-reading that post about my Urban Home Goods Swap package sent makes me miss it. I love that little quiltie! It makes me happy to know that it was well received and appreciated though! :)

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  1. You sure are an overachiever! I love your Hope block, and I'm sure Cara can put your extra houses to good use.