Monday, June 27, 2011

Scrappy Tiny Fun...

Those squares are 1.5" to start, they're not all sewn together yet... but fused to interfacing.
I've been commissioned (hehe don't I feel special) by my aunt to make her some fancy pretty not-wrinkly fitted table covers (not table cloths) for her art show booth. It's time to bite the bullet and start working on them! I hope to be making some major progress on them soon (despite the fact that my family will be in this week... which = not much sewing time but lots of other kinds of fun time!).

This being considered I don't want to start up any major quilting projects until the table covers are finished. So to keep myself from making a million tiny (not so useable) things, I've made a plan to make my little intermissions of quilting time add up. I'm going to work on a quilt I'm calling "Scrappy, Tiny, Fun" (real creative right?). Here's what I'm thinking:

  • Stay focused on Aunt Kathy's table covers (don't start anything big where I'll want to only work on the new project and not the one which requires my time!)
  • try a new color scheme
  • try new blocks/be creative
  • use orphan quilt blocks (those test blocks from my bee... etc)
  • use scraps
  • make less mug rug / randomness (these small projects that I do all the time and usually give away since I just love finishing something!)
  • to have fun!
  • make a quilt I love that incorporates my love of tiny piecing (without becoming to overwhelmed by the tiny stuff).
This entire block is less than 5" x 7" ... average cross is about 1.5" finished
    • no pink 
    • no purple
    • (anything else goes... the above can be used very very sparingly)
    • mostly saturated and/or solid colors.
     Anyone want to join me? Feel free to do so if you'd like (please let me know - I'd love to be inspired by the sort of blocks you pick out!). This quilt can be whatever you like (duh). I'm choosing to list out many different blocks/block styles that I'd love to try. I've already got about 11 block ideas sketched out in my notebook... I'll just cross them off etc once I finish each one. I may make a mosaic of the different styles.
    Adding in a few orphan blocks... I forgot a couple of them though.
    Once I have the blocks all completed (give or take) I'll just sew them together into groupings etc. I have a general idea of how I'd like it to look. A modern wacky sampler if you will... with a pieced quote going through the whole thing. Will I be able to pull it off? Who knows. lol...


    1. Looooove the white stars set in the squares! Would make a fabulous quilt. May have just got some of my mojo back! ;) Super inspiration!

    2. I love seeing the cross block from a distance. What an awesome tiny piece! Hmmm, a modern sampler quilt- along-- I'm tempted!

    3. Dammit, you just outtinied me again. I was working small on the mug rugs. And what do you do? You work smaller! Brother...