Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Kindness is: (a sweet little stack of coveted fabrics - unexpectedly received.)
In person discussions about swaps and fabric designers.
Chatting and sharing some show&tell.
(and getting a little bit of sewing in too!)

I have touched upon this subject a couple times here before. I am not sure that I've ever been able to articulate the kindness that I have found in the quilting community. There's something to be said about kindness, it always comes at the best moments. Here I am trying to scrape by, making things work. And the unexpected kindness of people is pretty inspiring. A friendly welcome from our new neighbors. A lovely birthday dinner. A visit from a sewing friend. These things are inspiring.

I don't want to be too repetitive, but you guys all rock. In the past couple years I've grown a lot as a quilter, and even more as a person. I may not have a lot of money in my pocket, but I've got gifts to give. I'll be giving compassion and hope, friendship and support, just as you all have done for me. I don't think much of the little things that I do for others, I don't dwell on them, but it's good to think that on occasion something I do for someone might be just what they needed at that given day.

I'm still dancing around my thoughts **like a ballerina on crack**, but I fear I'll have to keep doing so for a while. It's times like these that I should pull out one of those paper journals that I wrote in for ages. I'm too lazy for that right now (and God only knows what box they're in).

In case you're wondering. That little unexpected stack? From my CMQG friend Emily. Thanks Emily! That was totally awesome and unexpected! :) The rest of you can feel free to covet those little beautiful flowers (with matching konas). :)

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  1. Emily,
    I know we spoke about kindness during our visit, I too am constantly overwhelmed by how caring the quilting community is. The little moments of kindness are so touching and inspiring. I was glad to share some of my goodies, definitely double the fun to be able to share! I had a great time at your home yesterday, I hope to visit again soon. :)
    PS sorry I am a no reply blogger I don't know how to fix that...