Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Why is it that this gorgeous fat quarter stack of Nicey Jane (one of my favorites) has been sitting in my stash for more than a year? Why? It was a gift, and one of the best gifts, unexpected and beautiful. But I feel like it deserves to be in a quilt. It deserves to be one big project; as a result I haven't cut a single little piece from it. It occurred to me to make some nice fabric buckets for my sewing room out of them... but to imagine using so much of it at once? And then what if I found the perfect quilt to make with them and didn't have enough left? Sigh. Why am I so affraid to use this fabric?


  1. It always happens to me too. If I like it too much, I can't cut it.

    Last two times I decided to do a very small project and both times it went big and gorgeous. For me is the best move :D, maybe you'll like it too :)

  2. Cut it up! I think you should make something like a quilt that you can enjoy all the time.

  3. Because it truely is gorgeous! I am working with the other colorway right now and I'm stalling finishing the quilt b/c I love working with it!