Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm not feeling very bitter today.

...and I took advantage of that non-bitterness by finishing up a baby shower gift for Wally's cousin. They're due pretty soon here, and in my bitterness I ditched out on the shower. Yes, we did contribute money toward a group gift, but still. So here it is. 
The tag blanket is about 11" square - elephant tutorial from Homemade By Jill. The tag blanket was just winged. I had made all three of these things for Allie when she was a baby. She still uses the blankie... it's her favorite. The blanket is just one yard of each of two flannel prints (cheepo at Joann's - don't buy it unless it's at least 40% off since they have it on sale at least twice a month). Just sew those two yards together right sides facing, turn inside out, and top-stitch! Easy, simple, and totally usable! We used these to swaddle Allie for the longest time since the stretchy blankets don't work as well, and tend to be pretty small.
The tag has washing instructions.
Now to get ahold of that address so I can get this in the mail before that baby is born!!


  1. Silas has a similar flannel blanket, and he still sleeps with it every night. It was also great for swaddling since grew so fast! Very nice.

  2. I totally get you on this one.... some days it is easier than others to work on those baby gifts. My step-brother and his girlfriend are expecting a "un-planned" baby any day now... thankfully I made those gifts already.

    I agree, too, about the flannel...I only ever buy it on sale. Plus, I still have a bunch in my stash from day after Thanksgiving sales when it would be $.96 a yard...but the flannel now is so much more cute and colorful. They will definitely love this gift.

  3. Those turned out amazing. It can be hard to do such personal gifts!