Thursday, March 17, 2011

Have you ever thought...

About Canonizing your college friends? 
Well, we did. lol. I can't even begin to explain the ridiculousness that is the litany of sainthood of my friends. lol. Just go ahead and try I dare you! 
My friend Amy (she's pretty much the only non-catholic of the bunch) was trying to explain to a co-worker recently that she's not real uptight about religious stuff (he'd asked her for a souvenir when she took time off work to visit the temple, then worried that he had offended her) - so she tried to explain our little litany of saints we have going... but he seemed to think that we aught to have a physical representation of it, you know, like the stained glass windows in church?! So I took that initiative and drew up some prototypes. LOL 
I really entertain myself too much.
Aren't you glad you read my blog? It's so weird. lol.