Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thoughtful future blog posts.

  • Quilting as art / quilting as craft
  • Following a pattern / designing your own pattern / improvization
  • Designer fabrics / joann's (esp. Kona)
  • quilting as a cult - let's face it... have you checked out your local Marshall's for munki-munki pj's? 
  • Swaps
  • Personal quilting style / color palate.
  • A desire to be set apart from others / a desire to "fit in" 
  • Inability for non sewing people to "get it" 
  • Playing with fabric vs. the feeling of need to get something done. (creating for the sake and end of creating).


  1. Love these ideas :) And I chuckled when I read "Inability for non sewing people to get it." I sure wish we all lived in a little sewing city together!

  2. These are all great ideas! Of course, I have never checked Marshall's for munki-munki pj's....but you can be that I will now :-)

  3. What? There might be munki munki pjs at Marshalls? On my way there now. : )