Monday, November 15, 2010

Two Christmas presents done!

Today I finished the quilted Mod Bento Block pillow for a Christmas gift! I'm not sure if the person who will recieve this reads my blog regularly. So I'm not going to mention who it's for. :) Hehe... I like how it turned out, even though I had a couple problems with the assembly. One of which was running out of that generic yellow thread that I quilted it with (which came in a bin from my grandma)! I ended up finishing the rest of it with the bobbin, then adding a bit more quilting with brown on the one edge. I don't think it looks bad... but that was very frustrating. 

Another thing, when doing free motion quilting, always be sure to pull your bobbin thread up after replacing the bobbin. I somehow forgot this, and ended up punching several holes through my feed dog cover! Now that's a powerful machine! I'll have to take some pictures of it tomorrow. It looks like it got into a shoot-out!

Then after completing this I decided to move on to the next present. I don't think my brother reads this at all, so I think I'm safe to tell you all that I made him a "transformer's" pillowcase. Several months ago my brother went to a toga party, and bought several yards of cheep transformer's fabric to wear as a toga... after the party he passed the fabric to me knowing that I sew. lol. Well he's getting more than just the pillowcase, but I think he'll like it anyway. :)

As always, linking up to Fabric Tuesday on Quiltstory


  1. The pillow looks great! I adore that safety pin fabric :-) And the little elephants! I always get annoyed when my thread runs out and I haven't got a backup of the same color. :-( But your end result is great!

    ~ Meagan

  2. That turned out so nice! I may have to try out a Bento box one of these days. I must say that I like it much better on a pillow than on a quilt. Yours turned out great! (Love the safety pin fabric too)

  3. Love your pillow! And LOL, I've done the same thing to my feed dog cover...

    Jennifer :)

  4. I like your colour combinations, well done! It is really annoying when you have to stop sewing and look for supplies, or worse still have to shop for them!

  5. That turned out so cute! I love it! :) I really like the fabrics you chose, what a great gift. Thanks for linking up, we'll see you next week!