Sunday, November 28, 2010

Creativity helps cure the blahs.

As you could probably tell from my post yesterday, I've been a bit blah. 

Today I fixed it (at least temporarily) by finishing my Pillow Talk {Swap} pillows! Finished that's right! I quilted one with a free motion stipple, I'm not entirely sure I'm in love with the way the stipple distracts from the stars, but I do LOVE the texture it lends. So for the second one I did a strait line quilt just at the edge of each square border. I may need to hand stitch a stitch or so in the middle to keep it perfect (batting is ok for quilting up to 10" apart, this area is 13" ... I think). I like both so much!!!
I decided to add interfacing to the back sides of the back pieces, mostly to cover the seam allowances from the piecing I did back there. It added a bit more sturdiness and durability to it. I'm very very pleased with the pink / yellow pattern-y stripe for that little bound edge!


  1. The pillows turned out lovely! You did a great job on them :-)

    ~ Meagan

  2. The pillow is amazing :)
    Love the colour combination and all those stars! Lots of work.
    Best regards

  3. I really, really love the second star quilt, not the stippled one as much. The second one looks really classy and delicate. Is that hand stitching I can see there? It is beautifully done. It's obvious you are not a newcomer to sewing. What a great job! Silvana.