Monday, November 1, 2010

Look what I just made!!

If you're my sister stop reading this.

Last night when I had gotten done sewing my Internet was being funny. I was so excited about these bags that I really wanted to write this post right then and there! Well I had to go to bed on a sewing high without sharing it with the Internet world.

We're back and running this morning - sort of. lol. Pretty slow and probably virused or something (hopefully not).

Here are the awesome cool bags I made.

I found the tutorial here.The only thing I had even a bit of trouble with was not understanding why to not stitch past that 1/4" marking in step two. In retrospect I'm thinking I could have left a whole half an inch unsewn there! Otherwise they were challenging but not specifically hard. I really like them. And for the record, it's the first time I've really used interfacing as directed (on all pattern pieces). It really does give the stability I was looking for! (duh)

I see more of these in my future (especially since the two of them only used 1 fat quarter and a bit of a coordinating thrifted sheet!


  1. Really cute! What a great Christmas gift for kids as a pencil case or a mommy makeup bag. Love the fabric!

  2. How about another one...bigger for my other bathroom a different green/blue pattern?