Saturday, November 20, 2010


of sewing with this sweet fabric.

Yep. I have that very fat quarter stack I just can't decide what type of quilt I want to make with it. I'd really like to use lots of Kona Ash with it, and probably some Kona Coal. I've contemplated using a single irish chain like this one

Only in a larger size (as this was a large doll quilt). 

Here are some other options.
Inspiration for Innocent Crush quilt
Right now I'm really leaning toward either # 5, 6, or 12. Why does having a great selection of coordinating fabrics that I love make me so petrified to cut them? I want to play with the fabric, but I really want to use it for a full sized quilt, not broken up into a million little projects. I'm afraid if I use it for any little projects I'll not have enough to make a quilt from it. I'm cheep - it was a big thing for me to buy myself this fabric in the first place! 

 Either way, I have to finish quilting Katee's quilt first... (which means I have to finish piecing the back!). And I need to get that done by thanksgiving. I also need (want) to finish assembling my pillow talk swap pillow(s). But I really can't keep this fabric out of my mind! :)


  1. Sometimes, I get one fabric/idea/group of fabrics stuck in my head and I can't sleep because I keep thinking about it and wondering and thinking... It can be good and bad :-)

  2. that fabric in the middle, the maroon and aqua AMH - at first i didn't think i liked it.. until i saw it in person, just a small scrap of it, and now i'm obsessed with it.

    i know that whatever design you choose for these fabrics, its going to be beautiful! you can't go wrong! :)