Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Pillow Talk {Swap}

Sunday night I recieved my partner info for the Pillow Talk Swap. The swap mamas surely did a great job at matching us up since I think I've got quite a lot in common with my partner. Our tastes are very similar and I think she'll really like what I've got planned for her pillow. 

I usually don't jump right in and get started on day one of a swap, but last night this idea really stuck with me. I decided to stop by the local quilt shop (Quiltology) and pick up the supporting role fabrics (light yellows). I've really been itching to make a monochromatic quilt with lots of grey + one color so I'm going to do just that. Here's my idea:
Fabrics: some fat quarters of yellows, (the two on the right are Hope Valley) Kona Ash, and Kona Coal. 

The design here is one I've wanted to try ever since seeing it here on flickr. Here's the tutorial. Now here's the real shocker. I finished the block! lol I couldn't help myself! I did cut enough pieces for two pillows (one to keep for myself). I've got all the star points sewn together for the second one too! Oh let me tell you, I really did squeal right out loud as I ironed that last seam open. This block is really a work of art! I'm so excited about it!!! In the morning I'll take a picture of it and maybe let you count how many eensie pieces there are in that block - here's a hint, the block finishes at 10.5" and the centers of those stars are about 1" each! Did I ever mention that I loooove tiny piecing. (Ok so I don't always love sewing them together, but I love the finished product!)

Not to worry though, I've got lots more to do on this before it's done! I'm not sure if I'll be stippling it as originally planned though, there are a ton of bulky seams there. We'll see! :)

Oh yeah, and I'm linking up at Quiltstory for Fabric Tuesday!


  1. Cuteness! I really love this. Definitely bookmarking this tutorial! I think I'm right there with you, having decided what I'm going to do for the swap. It's kind of nice to be decisive on a swap!

  2. I love this! Your partner is sure to love it, too! I especially love the colors.

  3. this is great!

    i just started mine for the swap tonight. so far so good! :)

  4. I love how it turned out and am glad you enjoyed it!

  5. It us just so super cute! Thanks for linking up!