Friday, July 23, 2010

If anyone knows Linda Contreras....

Man... it's looking like I won't even get a refund from As you can see on the link... it's closed down. Ordered the fabric more than a month ago. Have already used the "replacement" fabric I got from (definately use them they're awesome).... the phone numbers I have from BBB have been shut off, no one is responding to emails, and their website is gone. If anyone knows the owner, Linda Contreras tell her I'm pissed at her.

PS- I did contact my post office, and aside from telling me the info I already have from the tracking website, they're useless unless I'm the sender. My best approximation is that my fabric is sitting in a sorting facility about 30 miles from here - in a ripped package. They didn't package it properly?


  1. I would write an email to the better business Bureau. I had a problem with another company. Within a short while the company sent me a refund check. It really isn't that much work to file a claim.

  2. I'm sorry this happened to you! That's really crummy. I once ordered a cd from hadn't been released in the US yet. The post office tried to deliver it and I wasn't home...when I went to get it, they couldn't find it! It took them a week and then it must have turned up b/c I did finally get it.

    I just ordered some fabric from a site Hawthorne Threads...I ordered it late on Tues. night and it already arrived today! I was really jazzed!