Sunday, July 11, 2010

A baby quilt.

My friend Kayla from high school, is having her second baby very soon (maybe even as I type this). I love Kayla, and well, I was kinda in my own little world when she had her first baby (just after I got married/moved to a different state), and I hadn't really been sewing much at that point - much less quilting. Well, as DH and I have been trying for our second baby for what seems like forever now it was really real for me when Kayla announced that she was pregnant with her second. I feel the need to make something special for this baby, and it helps too that they'll be calling her Ali, when we call our baby Allie. It doesn't matter to me that I haven't seen Kayla in three years, what matters is what our friendship was for me at a time that I really needed it. We met at a diocesan youth gathering (which one? who knows). Kayla and I were friends, we just were. I don't know, it seems like ages ago though, when she was dating my boyfriend's best friend, and she'd stay overnight at my house to watch Harry Potter (and see invisible spiders on my wall), so we could hang out with the boys the next day. We planned youth gatherings, and painted our feet for an altar cloth (and somehow left paint on her parents' cement). That's important. So the first quilt I'm ever going to actually give away, potentially never to see again, is for Kayla's baby. Now I've just got to finish it!

I decided to actually make a quilt for her baby last week, and decided since she's having a girl, it should be purple (duh). So I've used some quilt blocks I've been working on/playing around with and made a strip of quilt blocks, to be framed up by some solids. Here are my prototypes (thanks to where I cropped the floor out of the photo and added borders of colors...crazy how easy!).

I'm thinking of one of these two colors... and then doing a pebble quilting on it in grey thread. Probably a solid backing too. Gotta decide which color and go buy fabric!


  1. Based on the photos, I like the darker color more, but the light one is nice, too.

    I'm sure your friend will love the quilt for her new little one!

  2. I like them both! I think I might like the top one better...more contrast for your blocks in the middle.

    Thanks for helping my find scrapblog. I'll have to try it doing my next quilt top :D