Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Quilt For Ali (not my Allie)

Yesterday my friend Mary came over to sew, and I got a lot done on the baby quilt for Kayla's baby. I decided to go with the pink option, mostly since the purples that they had at Joann's weren't the same as the solid purple I used for the rest of it. I was really nervous about using all that pink, but after getting started on the quilting I really love it! Here are the pictures:
Here's me actually quilting it. I'm doing free motion "pebbles" which is awesome.

From the back. I nearly ran out of grey thread, and decided to switch out to a bobbin's worth of purple, then change the color each bobbin (I have about 10 shades of purple/pink/fuscha thread that match). So far I'm maybe about 1/4 of the way done, and have used.... 3 1/2 bobbins already. LOL. That's a LOT of thread! I love the bubbly look though.

Close up of the grey/purple quilting on front.

Showing a bit more angle of the quilt.

The computer mock-up of the whole thing (made with scrapblog.com - by cropping the floor out of the photo of the center strip... and adding colored blocks).

**Updated two years later to add actual photos of the finished project! lol!**

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  1. I love, love, love the pebble quilting! That is next on my list of things to try...I might even get to it today. I was taking a class at my LQS to learn how to use all of the features on my new sewing machine, and I tried out a small bit of the pebble quilting...definitely not super easy, but I'm up for it.