Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lots of randomness going on.

I recently bought a couple yards of purple fabric to sash this quilt top. I want about a 10" border around the outside, which will make it aprox. toddler bed size. Why is it that I suddenly want to cut into that purple Kona to use on every other project. I know that I bought it specifically for that quilt, and I don't want to have to run to the fabric store when I get the inspiration to actually finish it. But... it's so inticing. I think I need to buy more.
I'd really like to just chop it all up and use it to make more of these blocks. I really enjoy them. Or to make some improv. blocks with tiny square centers and teeny tenny borders etc then huge purple borders than more teeeny borders. How many purple quilts do I need?
I've thought of doing these blocks (above) as the back of the string quilt... but I think they are way cool enough to deserve their own quilt. I've been thinking of making them into a baby quilt for my friend Kayla's new baby (due any day now)... but I've never actually given a quilt away... I'm affraid I'll get too attached. And I don't see Kayla ... ever... so I'd never get to see the quilt again. And, would she take good enough care of it? lol. Silly I know.

On to the discussion about the fabric I ordered two and a half weeks ago that still isn't here! Don't shop at Fat Quarter World... well they're closing up shop anyway. I ordered two yards (one of each of two prints) of AMH good folks fabrics to even out my rainbow assortment for my DQS9 quilt.... I was really expecting the fabric to get in by lets say...last week! I've been tracking the shipping (supposedly 2-6 day shipping that I spent $6 on) and it's been at a sorting facility (aka lost) for more than a week. I'm really hoping that they'll at least refund my shipping cost (since $6 for two yards was rediculous anyway). We'll see. Either way, Fabric.com has restocked those prints and I ordered it from there last week, since I'm tired of waiting with the project on hold. Here's hoping that something will come in today or tomorrow!
Here's my DQS9 progress so far (ok well I've finished ironing the last few squares...) no colors yet in the windows, as my palate depends on how pink/purple the ordered fabrics are in real life. Hopefully some great progress soon! Of course I need to start cutting/ironing more grey squares since I really think I need one of these for myself too!

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