Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DQS9 Progress

I've been making some great progress on my Doll Quilt Swap progect. After waiting for two weeks and then some, for my fabric to arrive (don't order from Fat Quarter World - I'm not even going to link them the prices were enough for me to take a chance... it's been almost a month and still no fabric and still no refund)... I ended up ordering it from in the end... and it came in about three days. Thankfully they'd restocked it! I did get a lot of progress done on it while waiting for the fabric to come in. Here's a picture of all my little squares folded and ironed all perfectly.
I used the tutorial here, which was very helpful. I am, however, sewing the windows open by machine. I'm not much of a hand sewer.
Now with the fabrics in hand, here's my progress photo. Pretty cool. I've got a few of the windows sewn open, and that whole bottom pannel is done and ready. I chose lots of AMH Little Folks fabrics from my stash, and added two pink AMH Good Folks prints, and a couple purples and greens from my stash to round out the "rainbow."
I hope my partner likes it! She said she likes rainbow colors and modern fabrics. That's all I took from her likes, the rest (tons of grey, and AMH loving) comes from me. Now I need to get working on the second one, because I don't think I can part with this unless I make one for myself!

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  1. This looks great! I'm sure your swap partner will like it. I especially love all of the bright colors.