Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ghosties Mug Rug!

I have been going nuts making small fall themed projects the past couple weeks. When we moved last summer I came across the beloved "ghosties" pj pants from my late high school / college / early marriage years. Yes, my Ghosties were something of a lovey... I wore them in Rome! I wore them freshman year of college when painting my sister's living room! 

ghost mug rug
Ghosties Mug Rug

Naturally they were stashed away because they had worn so thin in the butt that they actually split down the back seam! Eeek! lol. They've been in a box for a few years now. I knew I'd want them someday.

quilted mug rug

The other day I decided to make a little something using the Ghosties - they're perfect! I paired it with one of the Juliana Horner prints (from Joann's), and some generic dark grey dots. 

The thing is, this mug rug was originally going to be a pouch - that's why it's quilted with Soft & Stable (actually it's the hardware store equivalent) on the inside. Once I had quilted it up, I couldn't bear for it to be anything other than a mug rug - the texture is TO DIE FOR! Really it is! It's so fabulous and flat and yet it gives such definition to the quilting! 

quilted mug rug cider

I'm for sure claiming this one for myself. I love it and it's perfect for my hot apple cider! I can't help but get dreamy about all the memories I made, and all the growing up I did while wearing those pj's. I wish I could have another pair of Ghosties. 


BTW - random fact here: my mom bought the WHOLE family pairs of these ghost pj's for Christmas one year -- they'd been $3 clearance at Old Navy. Everyone in the house had them. It was rather hilarious. :) 


  1. I hope you have a family photo of all of you in your pjs somewhere!

  2. Oh I hope you guys got a jammies photo of everyone together. Maybe what I need is a bunch of little projects like you've done to get me out of my major slack.

  3. Okay, I'll just leave one comment this time :) Your mug rug is adorable! Plus, I think it's great that you were able to take your much loved pj's and turn them into something that you'll be able to use and love again.

    My mom does a lot of the clearance pajama pant buying for my brothers and husband for Christmas gifts, too.

  4. Ok found it! It is so totally cute Emily! I only bring mine out for a week each October so it may be a few years until Im ready to cut mine up. Great minds think alike!