Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Simple Sewing

For a dose of simple sewing it's best to take your husband with you to the fabric store (or your mom)! About a week ago Wally and I took the luxury of a day off of work (while the kid was at school!) - and we went to the local fabric shop, Quilter's Destination. Wally was so excited about this skeletal halloween fabric. So I bought a half yard and made him the quickest 18" pillow cover ever. 

Quilter's Destination!
I literally cut an 18" square, then cut the remaining portion in half - hemmed the two smaller pieces, stacked them all, and sewed around the edge! Wally doesn't mind that it took very little time -- he's been using the pillow nonstop ever since! That makes me smile!

Also, I stopped in at Quilter's Destination recently when my mom was in town - that trip managed to end with her picking out 4 fabrics -- and I made her two 18" pillow covers and a standard pillowcase! 

Sometimes the simple sewing is a lot of fun. If nothing else it's a sure way to let your family know you love them!!


  1. I love the instant gratification that you get from projects like pillows, it helps me to keep my motivation during the longer projects. Great choice of fabric by your hubby !

  2. Love the fabric you chose for your man!! He's a lucky guy ... & you probably won't have too much difficulty getting him into a fabric store again. However, he'll now see it as his 'treat time' ... & you'll have to come up with yet another quick project for him!! :)) Maybe make him a new cover for each season? :)
    Just another suggestion. Either zig zag around the raw edges of the piece of fabric, or sew a tiny hem around just to finish off edges. Then, fold the fabric with wrong side out so that there is a 'square' in the middle of the fabric length, (this is the cushion front) & it's the size you want the cover to be, then just fold the 2 ends towards the middle (back) so there's an overlap (flap). Sew sides together & turn back to right side. For a very quick & dirty closing, use adhesive backed velcro dots ... I'd use 2, depending on how much turn over there is at the back opening. No cutting required for this. :)
    However, if this is for a pillowslip as opposed to a cushion cover, just make the flap at the end instead of the middle. Personally, I always like a good sized flap for pillowslips. However for cushion covers, I find it almost as quick to cut 2 pieces of fabric the size that you want the cushion cover to be & add double seam allowance (for french seams). Sew a small hem at 2 edges, then sew one side of zip on each side. With the zipper left open, sew the other 3 sides together, still with right sides showing. Then trim close to the edge. Press & turn inside out, then press again for a sharp edged fold. Sew along the outside edge so that the raw edge is encased by the seam. You now have a cushion cover with French seams. They really are only 3 more rows of stitching & a turn. Not much extra for strong, neat seams that will last forever.