Friday, June 7, 2013

Sew Sew Modern II Swap

This past spring I was lucky enough to participate in the Sew Sew Modern II swap. It was the second round for this swap, but my first time swapping with them. Overall this swap was intense and amazing!! The rules for the swap are to make one "large item" and send one "small item" (small item doesn't have to be handmade). The options ranged from tote bags and books to table runners and napkins.

First I have to say that it was really fun to participate in a swap for a change - since recently I've been doing the Swap Mama gig a lot. I signed up, received my partner info, and got to work.

Ok I procrastinated a lot. I ordered fabric for my project right away. My partner Cindy / Cindys0707 had made it pretty clear that she would love a duffle bag. I was up for the challenge so I borrowed a copy of the Studio Cherie duffle pattern from my friend Sally.

It took me a while to get around to actually sewing it all together -- I was initially frustrated by the fact that the pattern leaves the edges raw on the inside. I just couldn't see doing that much work and finishing with raw seams. So I altered the construction slightly and inserted the lining the same way as one would for a normal zip pouch. I had to sew all the end pieces (lining and outer) separately but it was worth it. :)

Other than the lining, I followed the directions. The bag came together fairly well. Not perfect, but I'm not very awesome at those corner areas on this sort of boxed thing. I was a bit annoyed at that but it works. I used warm and natural batting, and quilted fairly densely... the bag definitely needs to be full to hold it's shape. For my pics I stuffed it with 2 quilts and a pillow - with room to spare!

As my small item I made up a quick quilt as you go (QAYG) box pouch - fully lined of course. I did the QAYG on top of some scraps of duck cloth, and while it made it a bit more annoying to line, it was worth the extra effort because it holds it's shape so well!


As for what I received in the swap?? I received a duffle made from the very same pattern!! Made by Karen / Quilting_Fairy, this duffle highlights my fave things: AMH (my fav print ever), and paper pieced stars! I'm really in love with this bag and I can't wait to take our next trip so I can travel in style!!

Karen sent along lots of goodies, a sweet journal, chocolates, thread, fabric, and a cute little conversation game!

I'm really glad to have taken part in this swap - it was a lot of fun to sew for others, and to try something new - an it never hurts to receive something you absolutely love!!!


  1. Im with you on the raw edges. I made a sweet little flat pouch with carry strap. I did not like the unfinished edges inside. Luckily my secret pal is a non sewer and just fell in love. Next time I make the pattern I will do like you and do the lining like a regular pouch. Both bags are gorgeous!

  2. You did a great job with your duffle! The bit of hand stitching is adorable, of course. And the extra zip pouch is SO stinkin' cute. ;)

  3. How lovely that you got a duffel too! It would be awful if you'd put all that effort in and then received a tiny weeny pincushion or something (pin cushions can be brilliant, and they have their place, but are no where near as much work as a duffel bag!)

    Now you'll need to go on holiday to use it :)