Saturday, June 15, 2013

Quick and Dirty PJ pants!

Tonight  Last week (let's face it, it's been one of those weeks where it took me 6 days to get around to taking a decent picture of these...) my I found myself bored with a little bit of new but not very "me" fabric. Somehow this ended up in me making some pj pants for my daughter. How could I resist??

A little back story? Sure!

A couple days ago Allie and I were lounging around watching cartoons (Mona The Vampire of course!). Allie all the sudden decided I should make her pajama pants "Just like yours." I love how she has so much confidence in my garment sewing ability that she doesn't have a bit of doubt that I could do such things.

Of course I promised her I would make her PJ's. Wouldn't you?

So tonight I did. Randomly. With bright yellow fabric printed with cars and campers. Moda - it's cute, but not my style. It'll look pretty adorable on my kid though!

I hope they fit. I drafted them based on a pair of pants laying around.... I'm excited for her to try them on in the morning!

Disregard the untrimmed threads, and the additional seam line down there... I wasn't kidding about "Quick and Dirty"
I read this tutorial, then winged it. I could have straightened out the cut on the top part (where it folds down for the elastic casing) - that part was a bit odd... and bunchy because I didn't cut it with that in mind... and I should have trimmed the extra off there, instead I just sewed two rows of stitching at the bottom of the elastic casing. Lame, I know. But 1 hr later and I have pants. Cute pants.


Edited to add: It's too bad, but these pants don't fit my kid! They're perfect length but she could barely squeeze them on! Luckily we have a couple friends who are about Allie's age but tinier in the waist! They'll fit someone. Now I have the chance to make a second pair of PJ pants!