Monday, June 17, 2013

How do you choose fabrics?

Last night my friend Emily came over to hang out - and to help me pick out colors for my next quilt!

Konas! Chartreuse, Cactus, Canary, Melon, Coral, Ice Frappe, (and maybe School Bus).

I have to say that it was a really enlightening process! I knew the feeling I wanted the quilt to invoke, and the pattern (put together using the Threadbias design tool!) only uses a handful of fabrics. That made it pretty hard! Emily has an art degree, and an exceptional eye for color - which helped a lot! 

The part that makes me nervous. There is a distinct difference between the old color card (the one I chopped up), and the updated color card.

I'm excited (and a little nervous) to say that I'll be using Kona Ice Frappe as my background color! I'm hoping this will give a nice crisp summer feeling - like rainbow sherbet. 

Now I just have to wait for the fabrics to arrive! This quilt has to be finished by our July guild meeting ... so I have some work ahead of myself!!

So how do you choose fabrics for a new project?


  1. I love that ice frappe colour, really fresh and summery!

  2. the colours have changed??? EEEEEEEEEP!! That could spell disaster!

  3. I mostly scroll through the sale section of or hancocks-paducah and wait for fabrics to whisper my name. Then I'm able to work out of my stash. Recently I was at Hancocks of Paducah and what a joy it was to see all the bolts of Kona (alphabetically arranged). I was actually putting a quilt together and able to touch and stack the bolts. Ah, bliss...

  4. I always work with very bright saturated colrs. Those are the colors that call to me. often, too, colors just seem to 'find' each other on my shelf and spark an idea for a quilt.

  5. Oh dear, updated?

    Your colors look summery fresh!