Friday, June 28, 2013

International Quilt Festival Chicago: Open Studios

What a weekend! Last weekend Chicago (Rosemont) played host to the International Quilt Festival! We're lucky to have the festival here this year and I was even luckier to be chosen to demo in the show's Open Studios. 

Open Studios was the place to find demos for all sorts of projects and techniques ranging from stitching / quilting / painting / embellishing. The demos were set up in two hour segments and on Friday I demo'd foundation paper piecing. 

As excited as I was about demoing I was also a little bit nervous. It all turned out great though. It was a really excellent experience! In the quilting studio there was a sewing machine available - and I had a bit of trouble getting it set up at the beginning of my demo time - thankfully my guild friend Sarah came to the rescue and fixed the presser foot / threading! (thanks Sarah!!)

The demo went really great. I had a lot of people stop by during the two hour demo, and they all seemed really responsive to paper piecing! Some couldn't believe how easy it is once you figure it out! 

I had an excellent experience demoing at open studios, and it makes me even more excited to get started teaching some classes. I hope that will happen soon. In the meantime I'll keep perfecting my skills! 

(Thanks to Emily B who took lots and lots of pictures on my camera while I demo'd!)


  1. You look fabulous! Really professional, well done :) x

  2. Awesome! You must have been great! I want a class for myself when I come over! :)