Sunday, May 12, 2013

To do list:

  1. Take pictures of the Bubble Quilt - it's been finished for more than two weeks now!
  2. Edit pics and finalize tutorial for Bubble Quilt!
  3. Edit pics and finalize tutorial for Pillow Shams project - wanted these done for mother's day!
  4. Order fabric for Summer Quilt - ASAP!
  5. Focus on the mini quilt with a deadline! DO IT! 
Are those really sewing goals? Only one of those options includes sewing - notice how I did that? I need to let go of my fears and just decide on a design and go with it! I've been dragging my feet on this mini project because I just can't decide. Part of me wants to make something that would be well liked by others, but if I focus on that too much I loose sight of my own style, and ultimately the project is awesome-er if I LOVE it. 

There it is. It's Sunday night. I'd like to stick to this list throughout the week. I need to focus! :)

1 comment:

  1. just be true to yourself! there are so many who love what you do.