Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Pretty New Cover for my Juki!

A few days ago my friend Jenna (the sewing student from this post) messaged me asking for tips / tutorials and general info on how to make a cover for he new sewing machine (I know, I know, it's so cool that she's really been sewing on her own!). So naturally I have a pinterest board for that. In my defense, I've been planning to sew a cover for another friend's machine recently - so I've been compiling links and inspiration.

Since Jenna was already planning on making one, I joined along (virtually of course, Jenna doesn't live nearby). I used this tutorial and it worked out just perfectly!

I omitted the side pockets, knowing that I wouldn't use them. Instead I added a bit of patchwork on the sides to look as if I had added the pockets. I used two layers of Pellon sheerweight fusible interfacing on the outer fabric (I would have used one layer of Shape Flex SF101 if I would have had it on hand) and it gave just enough body to the fabric for it to hold it's square shape.

My favorite part of this tutorial was the self binding bottom edge. Genius!

PS - It's super hard to photograph your sewing machine cover when your sewing room is a total mess... I should clean it, but I'd rather sew. Creativity is messy sometimes.


  1. Thank you for sharing that. I will be going across to that link as I also need to make a new cover my machine.


  2. A whole board? I'm off to look now...

  3. Oh how wonderful nice cover and thank you for sharing the TUTE too.