Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's day is for moms, and for those who mother.

Happy Mother's day to all you mommy bloggers! I'm always a bit at a loss on mother's day. It's weird to be the mom on Mother's day, after living my whole life as a kid. :) Truth is, I'm pretty lucky. 

Mother's day is always a little odd for me in another way though. On holidays like this I'm really reminded about the kids that I want, that I wish for, that aren't here yet. As anyone who's spent any amount of time trying to conceive - the celebrations of motherhood are soured a little, by the loss of every passing month. Every missed chance. 

I'm entirely lucky to be blessed with Allie - as easy as it was for us to have her - she's perfectly mine. (Did I ever mention that she's got my attitude? For better or worse). It kills me that at this point she'll be 5 years older than any siblings (at the very least). She wants friends, and calls her friends "stisters" (adorable extra t's). 

There are so many deep feelings going on here. But I'll take them - each day is something new. 

I hope you all have great mother's days - give your mom a hug. Hug the strong women in your life - mother or not, let them know they're appreciated! 


  1. Sending some love and hugs your way this Mother's Day.
    This post really brought back some familiar feelings. I was always so sad thinking about how big the age gap was getting, but I think now that it is just right for them. I hope and pray that the next chapter or your family book is full of fun and happiness.
    Your little girl is so gorgeous. Have fun today xxxx

  2. she is a cutie pie, for sure! Happy Mother's Day xx

  3. Hi Emily!
    Happy Mother's Day! I love seeing Allie's curls grace your blog posts!!! I'm sorry to hear of your troubles, and I can't imagine what you're feeling. When you said it kills you that she'll be five years older than her siblings I want you to know that in my family that's the norm. We are all very spread apart with my sister's being 9 and 16 years younger than me. (Yes, my mom had a surprise when I was in high school.) The three of us are extremely close. We have always had a wonderful time, and in some ways I think the age difference has been more fun. I absolutely love being an actual 'big sister' and I know that Allie will too!!!

  4. It is so hard to watch the months tick away, I know. :( I'm not sure that I have any good advice, other than to say that I've learned to let go and see where life takes us. It's far easier said than done, but when I can do that I find that I enjoy being in the mom-ent (ha, see what I did there?) more.

    Allie is adorable!