Monday, November 14, 2011

List making helps me get things done.

Things to do before christmas!!
  • Make a quick little baby quilt for a friend (I want to do this tonight!) I"m thinking a single swoon block with borders.
  • Make a lap quilt / tiny quilt for my grandma - at the reccomendation of my aunt. (Started cutting fabric for this yesterday... but cutting 2.5" squares is boring).
  • Finish my mom's quilt - buy backing, quilt and bind.
  • Finish MIL's quilt - 5 more swoon blocks to go, buy backing and batting, quilt, bind.
  • Gift for hubby.
  • MorsBag for gift.
  • Zip pouches times a million.
  • Stockings for at least Katee and Rosemarie. 
  • Mug Rug Swap


  1. I keep making list upon list...and sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn't :-) I looked at the MorsBag pattern/link and they look like very nice bags...I'm thinking that I need to make some. I could probably even used them as gift "wrapping". If you want an idea for a cute little round pouch, Erin at Dog Under My Desk put up a cute tutorial for a round pouch to use for earbuds and such.

  2. why do you cut 2,5" squares? can't you do it with strips? you know, 2,5" strips, join 2 or 3 or 4, cut in half, join again, cut in half, join again until you have 2'5 squares already joined. just sayin' :)