Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Sewing - minus naptimes...

(Aunt Kathy & Dad stop reading now)

Recently my three year old has been fighting that regular nap time. It's not that she isn't getting it, only that she resists until she passes out due to over tiredness. It's an everyday occurrence that we have to keep putting her back into bed several times before she sleeps. I don't think that it's time to get rid of nap time yet - so please don't suggest that, but it is becoming a lot less likely that I'll be getting any real sewing done during nap time from here on (the naps are shorter now too).

With all that being said, I'd love to be sewing right now, but should my girl peek out of her room and see me at my machine she's be way too into my projects to lay back down. So here I am. :)

Today I'll share a bit more of the marathon sewing that I did last week.

First, here are some sweet little baby leggings that I sewed for my cousin's baby Gia. Little Gia, I hope these fit on your cute chubby legs! I tried them on Allie (they fit) to make sure that the ruffled edge looked alright, and Allie asked for a pair. So Gia you get three pair instead of four. I have more knee socks if she really loves them - they took just a few minutes to make and are super cute. I cut the feet off of adult knee socks and used a zig-zag stitch around the raw edge, while stretching them a bit to give the lettuce ruffle. Adorable!

Gah, Blogger isn't working for me today. For whatever reason it rotated this picture. 
Next is a little quilted notebook cover for my aunt. I hope she's not reading this. I would have posted it to flickr to rotate it, but I know she'll see it there! I wanted to make something a little special for my aunt Kathy, since she helped fund my Sewing Summit trip by commissioning me for these table covers. Also, she started me on sewing by giving me my first machine at age... 11? So I pulled together some pretty scraps and just flew with it. This cover fits a standard composition notebook so she can use it for whatever, and replace the notebook as needed. :) Here's the back:

Yes that Kona Curry is slipping into every project these days! I love it! I loosely followed this tutorial, from memory since I'd made them before. the main thing that I did differently - was that I didn't use any batting or quilting, and used a piece of lightweight fusible interfacing as the center inside panel. After stitching it and turning right side out, I pressed it into place. No raw edges at all! :)

 The strap across the side is a bookmark - from this tutorial. I've made them for pretty much everyone. I especially love using fold over elastic for them. :) My family are all readers so they'll be used!

Skirt for allie

Next here's a quick little skirt for Allie. I used some sort of crushed velvet (the pink) and corduroy (the plaid). The plaid part is supposed to be a little apron... but well I winged it and that's what I get. lol. I think it may be a bit too big for the girl, but I'm not going to have her try it on - otherwise I won't be able to give it to her for Christmas! Again, I loosely followed this tutorial.


Finally, two awesome morsbags for my Dad. I think they're definitely more manly than most things that I make - thanks to Donna from the CMQG for giving me an extra set of fabric! I think they'll be perfect for holding choir music or his paperwork for work. They're nice and durable too. :) Here's the link to the Morsbag page

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