Monday, November 14, 2011

I have a personal henna artist!

We all know that craftiness runs in the family right? Or at least for most of us. Same here. Although this new skill was unknown until recently. My sister is really excellent at free-hand drawing designs! She's recently been working on honing her skills as a henna artist. Pretty awesome right??

I've been excited to give it a try - but a little worried since I tend to be allergic to anything that goes on the We checked the label of the henna and there were no signs of shady ingredients, so we did a test patch - then another small test... then I dove in! Roseann worked on my ankle piece for a while... I really have no clue how long it was. We figured out some inspiration on pinterest and went from there. You can see my incredibly un-technical photo of the screen (no clue how to do a screen shot), to show our inspiration. 

Please disregard the crazy 3 yr old flailing in the background! 
While working on this, I made the suggestion that maybe she could make one of the centers a quilt block - and she did! Her OCD perfectionism made my block into one which would certainly require Y-seams but still.awesome! I'm really impressed with the henna and it's gotten pretty dark today. 

How freaking amazing??!!
We did realize through this, that Roseann is very much more organic in her drawing style, whereas I'm very geometric. This proved to be funny as she was adding the circles on my ankle - since I could never guess what she was going to do next - my mind would say dots or lines or triangles.... hers said leaves and petals and squigglies. lol. 

My second test sample: The Deathly Hallows!!!!
 I really want a tattoo of this!!
Wally also got some henna - his is on his forearm - a tree that has "hope" written in the trunk. Pretty awesome but he slept on his a little funny and had a little transfering onto his upper arm! 

Pretty amazing!! 


  1. You're killin' me with those squares and triangles :))))))))))

    She is really talented, great work!

    [there's a button on the keyboard, upper right, Prnt Scrn. Push it. Them open paint, CTR+V, save as .jpg. :)

  2. These are very cool! I would love to have a henna tatoo. Of course, there is no way I would draw my own and I have no sister that is talented in drawing :-)