Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bee {A little baby}!

I've kept my lips sealed about this for a while, and now it's time to share!

made with love...  for Jules (RelishAustralia).
Credit: Michelle Click on the link to see who made each block
A few months ago Michelle of I like Orange Too contacted me on flickr to ask if I'd be interrested in helping to make a quilt for our mutual flickr friend's new baby. The friend, Jules (RelishAustralia) had no clue we were working on such a project - so it was a nice fun surprise!

Michelle requested sawtooth stars made with a certain palate in mind (I can't believe that so many of us got together and somehow we did actually achieve that color palate!). I made three stars, they're really addicting. And working on this project inspired my tiny quilt project.

I also remembered (at the last moment) to add in my little seam allowance prayer for the baby. Don't give me the credit here, I stole this idea from a friend who helped out with Rosemarie's quilt - it's an unexpected little joy to include. I try to add a seam allowance prayer in each of my quilted gifts.

The prayer? "I pray for a long happy life for the baby, and for a happy family always. Always know that you are blessed."

And now for the obligatory "baby on quilt pics!" Jules received the quilt a couple weeks ago and it was awesome to see her reaction to it! Here is Violet enjoying her quilt!!

Credit: Jules
Thanks Michelle, for including me in this awesome little project! And, thanks Jules for being an awesome Flickr swap buddy! 


  1. What a beautiful quilt! I love it! :)

  2. I still love looking at it! It was so nice to make something for Jules, and I'm so happy you were a part of it!!

  3. I am a new quilter here in South Africa. I inherited my mom's stash when she died and I'm teaching myself as I go. I love the stars on the quilt you made for your friend Jules' baby. Is it possible for you to give me the measurements to make one star. I can see a square in the middle and 4 squares in the corners. On the 4 sides I imagine a rectangle with squares on the sides folded over. I really don't know quilt terminology yet. :( I would really be grateful if you could help me

    Carina Pringle