Friday, February 3, 2012

DQS 12 Starting Soon!!

DQS12 Inspiration mosaic
DQS12 inspiration mosaic
The time has come, the Doll Quilt Swap is about to start! This will be my fourth round (wow!) and I can't wait! I really think that this is the best swap on flickr! For the first time this round I'll be a Swap Mama (oh the power!) lol. :) I'm really excited and it's looking like we've got an awesome group of ladies swapping!

Sign-ups are over, and partner emails will be going out this weekend -- which means I get to stalk my partner (another Mama is pairing me up so I won't know who has me). I have so many exciting ideas already! The cool thing about being a mama, is that I've already stalked through everyone's flickr pages so I've seen all the talent out there! Pretty awesome!!

Emily and Emily {Modern} Robin hair looks awesome. I can't wait to shave it again!
Also, Emily and I met up today to swap our {Modern} Robin blocks! This is our first round and I've been thinking about what sort of border I should add to her mini swoon block! :) Her brother took a picture of us together with our starting blocks - so that'll be added here whenever she posts it!

Hm here are some things I want to do tonight... to get my sewing fix before company comes over!
  • Sew an ipod case and earphones case... just because I can.
  • Refashion some pj's of mine into pants for allie.
  • Plan my border for the Modern Robin.


  1. Both of your starting blocks are so fabulous!!! I can't wait to see what you both end up with.