Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So much sewing done, and not much blogging.

With all the sewing I've been getting done, I haven't gotten around to blog about it! It doesn't help that our good old Midwest weather is so dreary that I can't get a decent shot of my work. The one day we had some decent sunshine I tried, but it was SO windy that my work was blowing away!

So until later you'll have to take my word on it... Here's what I've completed in the past couple weeks:
4 pairs of baby leggings
1 toddler skirt
a bazillion zippered pouches (ok maybe about 8?)
fabric/elastic bookmarks (x8)
1 quilt (minus the binding - which needs to be sewn down)
5 Swoon blocks (only 4 more to go!!)
Bee blocks
Round Robin rounds
3 stockings (one more to come...maybe)
1 journal cover
2 morsbags
5 rice hand warmers
**edited to add that I did miss something, a whole other QUILT! lol. A mini swoon baby quilt - finished!**
.... I'm sure I'm forgetting some things.

I'm so close to being done with my Christmas sewing projects. The only real outstanding one is the Swoon quilt. I'm not sure if the top will even be done by Christmas.... but I'm pretty sure my MIL will understand.

Now I'll share with you a project that's been in the works for a few months. The Chicago Modern Quilt Guild Round Robin!

CMQG Round Robin mosaic

Here's my group with our finished pieces!! If you go to my flickr, and look at each picture I tagged which rounds I worked on for each quilt! My fav. round to have made would have to be Beth's - I gave her the option of keeping the blue starry strips, and I'm glad she did because they're my favorite! This was a fun activity of getting outside of my normal sewing techniques - each round had a specified theme (applique, rectangles, diamonds, curves, then triangles). Also I got to know these ladies a bit more --especially since it took us the whole length of the project to finally get our acts together and figure out who has what next. lol. (the other group had no problems with this!).

I must say I loooove mine so much! I haven't decided yet what it will become though. :)

I'm really glad that I jumped out there this year and finally went to a meeting of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild! I had been a part of their online presence since the beginning (near beginning?) but finally made the jump. They're such a wonderful mix of people!! And boy have I learned some things too. The things I've been learning aren't necessarily new techniques, but rather, more about color and choices in quilting, and personal preferences... it's so cool to see the huge variety among us! I'd love to challenge you local ladies to join up in person with us this year --- SALLY and SARA! This means you!!  :) Please?  Also ANGELA - Seriously you live so close and yet we haven't met up?? Let's do that this new year ok?


  1. Ha :) The two meetings (? I think - the first two) I made it to were before you joined. I even did a tutorial day! We definitely need to meet up, though. And hopefully I'll make it to some more meetings. I'm even signed up for the March retreat :)

    Can't wait to see some of those projects - looks like you've done a ton of wonderful stuff the last month!

  2. Wow, you have been sewing up a storm! Those round robin blocks are beautiful. So bummed that I can't really attend the CMQG meetings anymore. Happy holidays to you!

  3. I thought I commented here yesterday, but obviously, I didn't make sure it "took". I will definitely try to come to one of the CMQG meetings this year, hopefully soon. I wanted to come last year, but I always ended up having commitments when they were having the meetings.