Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I didn't make a baby this year.

So it's December already, and I've been thinking about what my goals will be as we move into the new year. What do I want from my sewing hobby? What is worth working for. What am I doing now that isn't worth my time? I'll see my list here from last year, and aside from one quilt that I decided I didn't want to do, I accomplished everything (except for the baby - darn!). Well let me make a slight correction to that, I haven't finished everything here, but the two nearly projects will be finished before Christmas! 

(scary mailing day. Sending out a baby quilt for a friend!! I hate the wait!!!)
Before you get lost in my list of past goals, what are your goals for the next year? Do you want to get published (book, mag, guest blogging?) Do you want to be one of those crazily prolific bloggers (you know like OhFranson! etc). Do you want fame and fortune and a thriving small business? Or are you looking for projects that let you try new things on the slightest whim? I'd love to know. 

1. {Sew} Beautiful Bee & Swaps. I'm making this just one on my list since this is the extra, the push my boundaries and try something without worry. Whether it's a project pushing my color comfort zones, or my style... or even something technically challenging. Done, ok well still in process. I have done three swaps so far and just signed on for another!
2. I'd like to make a quilt for my mom or my MIL this year.  Nearly done, mom's needs binding, MIL's is halfway finished.
3. I really would like to finish the String Quilt I started last january...  I no longer want to do this. 
4. I'd like to follow a pattern for a quilt this year.  Swoon - I love the end result (so far) but I feel really boxed in during the process. I'm not sure I'll follow another pattern all the way through. I would love to take just one block from the swoon quilt and add other stuff... maybe round robin style? 
5. I want to make a wonky star quilt with light/medium grey and a pop of color. Done! I love it, but it's not quite like I wanted, so I'll likely make another.
6. I want to keep working on taking better pictures of my work. It's a process... and I can see it getting better and better as we start getting more sunlight this spring/summer!
7. I'd like to make a baby this year. (too much? sorry). Oh and maybe not flip out nearly as much each month when I'm not pregnant. (can this just happen already? geez)
8. I want to make more ruffly dresses for my daughter.
9. I would love to make more personal connections in the sewing world.  Totally have done this! I joined up with the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild and have met some pretty awesome people. Add The Sewing Summit to that, awesome! It was great meeting everyone there!
10. I'd like to keep teaching my niece to enjoy crafts and sewing. Continuing on this path. Katee is getting soo good! 

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  1. Sorry your baby goal didn't happen this year :( But all your others accomplished were very well done. Great work!